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Workshops and Seminars

San Diego Brainworks offers a variety of Workshops and Seminars for children, teenagers, young adults, adults, and older adults. Space is limited so please call or email us to reserve your spot. Workshops are engaging, supportive, and educational.
Below is a brief description of our workshops and seminars . We add new topics based on our clients needs. Please email or call us for specific class dates and if you have any questions.

Executive Dysfunction in Children- A Parent Workshop 


  • Understand how Executive functions impact everyday life

  • Learn ways to communite more effectively with your child 

  • Learn brain-based and educational strategies for school and home success 

  • Share your experience with other parents experiencing a similar situation


Maintain your Brain for Older Adults  - Seminar Series  


  • Learn about lifestyle factors that contribute to a healthy brain

  • Understand the importance of a baseline assessment

  • Learn about cutting edge treatment options for neuropsychological issues

  • Understand mental health issues in the later years


Living with ADHD - A Workshop for Children (over 10 years old) 


  • Understand symptoms of ADHD and associated brain areas

  • Learn coping and compensatory strategies to increase funtioning in social/emotional/academic areas

  • Express concerns/feelings regarding having ADHD

  • Bond with other children experiencing similar issues


Learning and the Brain Seminar Series - For Parents, Young adults, and Adults


  • Learn about how the brain learns best

  • Understand the Power of Mindsets

  • Maximize your learning potential


Mindfulness for Teens - Workshop


  • Discuss interpersonal/relationship/school/home issues in a safe environment

  • Learn effective coping and communication strategies

  • Practice Mindfulness in session 


Individual Sessions 

(Sessions arranged on an hourly basis)

Any of these seminar and workshops can be scheduled as an individual session. 

Workshops and Seminars 
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