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ADHD Evaluations

What We Do

Many clients come to San Diego BrainWorks with symptoms of ADHD. When a client and/or parents of a child report symptoms of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADD is now under this general category) San Diego BrainWorks approaches the evaluation with careful considerations.


Oftentimes, the behavioral symptom of inattention and/or hyperactivity may be a result of or connected to many different disorders and etiologies. A general psychological assessment has the ability to diagnose a condition such as ADHD, but it lacks the specificity to understand what is causing the symptoms. This is why in many cases we recommend a comprehensive neuropsychological assessment. The data collected from the neuropsychological evaluation can aid in specific treatment recommendations as well as accommodations in various settings (classroom, academic, tutoring, test-taking, etc).

Neuropsychological Testing Evaluates The Following Cognitive Domains: 

  • Intellectual Functioning

  • Attention and working memory

  • Language

  • Visual spatial

  • Memory

  • Executive functioning

  • Emotional and Social

  • Motor Skills

  • Personality development

How This Can Help You

Obtaining an accurate diagnosis of ADHD, not just based on rating scales, can be very informative and important for the client's overall well being and treatment trajectory. ADHD can impact an individual's relationships, both personal and professional, self-esteem, confidence, and self-worth, which can lead to anxiety, depression, substance use, and poor decision making. For many clients and their families, knowing that ADHD is a developmental disorder that has caused both internal and external symptoms can be life alterning feedback. 


When ADHD is assessed comprehensively, we are simultaneously screening for other potential contributing factors that cause symptoms of attention deficit (depending on history): Mood and Anxiety disorders, Substance Use, Head Injury, Learning challenges, Autism.

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