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Autism Diagnostic Services

What We Do

San Diego BrainWorks offers comprehensive Autism Spectrum Disorders diagnostic services. When a client is referred for an ASD Evaluation we typically utilize a comprehensive neuropsychological approach. Neuropsychological assessment can provide a strong analysis of cognitive, emotional, linguistic, motor, and social functioning in individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).


Individuals on the autistic spectrum often show a high level of anxiety and are frequently affected by comorbidities that influence their quality of life. For example, individuals with ASD may have anxiety related disorders and/or mood dysregulation. 

How This Can Help You

At San Diego BrainWorks we use the most up to date and empirically validated measures to ensure accuracy, including the Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule-Second Edition (ADOS-2) and additional measures of cognitive, social, language, motor, and adaptive functioning. All of our staff members who conduct ASD Evaluations have been trained in the ADOS-2.


The comprehensive neuropsychological evaluation can serve many purposes. Specifically, results can determine strengths and weaknesses in various aspects of functioning, whether developmental difficulties exist, establishes a diagnosis and aids in diagnostic specificity, guides treatment and educational planning, and demonstrates eligibility for special education services as well as adjunct services (speech, occupational therapy, etc.)

Common Symptoms that may indicate ASD:

  • Making and maintaining friendships 

  • Understanding the perspective of someone else 

  • Being flexible and open-minded

  • Managing big and complex emotions

  • Tolerating changes to preferred routines and preferences

  • Anxiety and/or discomfort in social/ group settings

  • Restrictive and repetitive behaciors and interest

  • Independently completing routintes (morning and evening)

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