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Family Therapy

What We Do

Therapy that involves multiple members of the family is some of the most impactful work we do. In cases of ADHD, depression, anxiety, ODD, or conflictual relationships, working with the whole family often brings about meaningful and lasting change.

How This Can Help You

If you are struggling with your child, family therapy can help in the following ways:


  • Provide a place for each member to share their opinions and perspectives

  • Allow each member of the family to feel heard and be understood

  • Build insight into what causes and maintains problems

  • Create new relational dynamics

  • Create and support healthy structure and boundaries

  • Builds skills and allows for practice in real-time

Child Management Training (Emotional / Behavioral Issues)

Evidence-supported model in which your therapist will work with you to help to

more effectively manage and reduce negative child behaviors, while increasing

and reinforcing positive behaviors.


  • Reduce non-compliance

  • Reduce acting out behaviors

  • Reduce power struggles

  • Feel more connected to your child

  • Increased desired behaviors

  • Increase structure in the home

  • Use of appropriate and effective reinforcements and punishments.

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