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Welcome to San Diego BrainWorks Pediatric Development Center


Our Pediatric Development Center is a multi-disciplinary and comprehensive program offering neuropsychological, medical (including neurology, psychiatry, psychopharmacology), behavioral, educational therapy, speech-language therapy, occupational therapy, nutritional consultation, and educational advocacy services in San Diego. We are all located in one office location, under one roof, and work together as a team to best meet the needs of your child and family.


San Diego BrainWorks Pediatric Development Center offers evaluative and treatment services to children presenting with a variety of developmental challenges. These include Autism and Autism Spectrum disorders, Learning Disorders and Developmental Disabilities, ADD/ADHD, Psychiatric Disorders, and neurological injuries and disorders (such as seizure disorder, traumatic brain injuries, metabolic disorders, and brain tumors).

We are proud to offer the following services:

  • Neuropsychological and neurodevelopmental assessment

  • Psychopharmacologic consultation

  • Genetic testing and consultation

  • Medical Services

  • Behavioral assessment and Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA)

  • Educational assessment and program evaluation

  • Executive functioning coaching

  • Academic tutoring

  • Standardized test preparation

  • Speech-language assessment and therapy

  • Consultation to teachers, therapists, attorneys

  • Classroom observations

  • Assistive Technology Evaluations

  • Occupational Therapy

  • Nutritional Consultation


OUR APPROACH: Through various diagnostic procedures, our clinicians identify the root of your child's symptoms and then help you choose the most appropriate evidence-based treatment protocol. We give children the highest standard of clinical care in a mulit-disciplinanry collaborative team approach. We offer hope to families who are lost in their child's care. 


We recognize that there are many different areas of your child's life that have been impacted by their symptoms —home, school, and friendships—and that the problems in one area can impact another. Our goal is for your child to improve in each of these areas. We work together with you and your family to evaluate your child's progress and modify treatment modalities when necessary. Oftentimes, we also consult with teachers, pediatricians, and other health providers who have been active participants in your child's care. 


San Diego BrainWorks is dedicated to helping children ages 0-18 obtain the services they need to live healthy, happy, and more fulfilling lives.

Neuropsycholgoical, Developmental and Educational Assessment and Treatment Services

Our program is designed to understand how your child learns best, by using reliable neuropsychological and educational tests to gain insight into how he/she processes information compared to other children of the same age.  Every child is unique.  We use our assessment tools to develop a profile of your child's individual learning strengths and weaknesses.


Neuropsychological assessments evaluate multiple aspects of the child's functioning including intellectual assessment, academic testing, emotional functioning, and a variety of neurological domains such as memory, language, processing speed, visual-spatial skills, and executive functioning.  These evaluations  are often performed to assess learning and developmental changes, identify specific disorders (such as neurological disorders i.e. seizures), offer a diagnosis (such as autsim, dyslexia, ADHD), and to make tailored recommendations for treatment and management of symptoms. Once a neuropsychological evaluation is complete parents are not given only a label. Rather, we provide families with a better and more comprehesive understanding of the level of functioning of their child and their specific strengths and weaknesses. We translate this information into practical real world recommendations and treatment suggestions.


Treatment is designed to provide guidance and support so your child develops skills and learns to compensate for learning deficits with their learning strengths. The recommendations we provide may apply to learning new material, doing homework, taking tests or studying.  In addition, your child may need specific accommodations at school such as extra time on tests or taking tests in a small group with fewer distractions. We create a team-based approach to helping your child succeed. Oftentimes, if additional adjunctive services are needed, such as speech therapy or an educational intervention (including implementation of IEP and 504 plan), our team can provide those services.





Neurology, Psychiatry, and Psychopharmacology Services

Our medical services are provided by Dr. Suzanne Goh, a board-certified pediatric neurologist with expertise in the evaluation and treatment of children with neurological conditions that impact brain development, cognition, and behavior. Prior to being in private practice, Dr. Goh served as Co-Director of the Columbia University Developmental Neuropsychiatry Clinic for Autism and Related Disorders in New York City. She is a Rhodes Scholar and a graduate of Harvard Medical School. 


Dr. Goh specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of children with Autistm Spectrum Disorders as well as genetic, neurologic, and developmental disabilities. Dr. Goh also works with children with psychiatric disorders such as anxiety, impulsivity, depression and other behavioral and emotional concerns. She performs diagnostic developmetal evaluations as well as comprehensive evaluations for Autism Spectrum disorders. Our medical services take a holistic approach - working with families, school systems, and understanding how diet and other factors impact overall functioning. We believe that understanding how one area of life impacts the others is key to better outcomes in treatment. Psychopharmacologic and non-pharmacologic modalities can be utilized in treatment after speaking at length with families, observing the child, and creating a customized treatment plan that is right for your family and child. That customized treatement may or may not include one of our other services depending on your child's needs. Oftentimes, children with Autstim, ADHD, or learning difficulty will see our providers in one of our treatment programs described below.


Dr. Goh has collaborated with the world-renowned developmental psychologist Dr. Marion Blank to create ASD Language - a series of programs to teach meaningful language and communication to children with autism and other developmental disorders. She is also co-author of the book Spectacular Bond: Reaching the Child with Autism. 


*Dr. Goh's programs are now available throughout the state of California through the Regional Center system. Children with a diagnosis of autism who are clients of the Regional Center are eligible for parent workshops, home support services, and office consultations with Dr. Goh and her team of therapists. For more information, please contact your Regional Center service coordinator or write to us at

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