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Oftentimes families and individuals are at a loss with how to understand and/or synthesize all of the information that has been presented to them from various providers. We find a solution to that problem but taking the information from all providers (including school records, testing records, previous assessments, and diagnostic considerations) and integrate the findings so that an effective treatment plan can be created. It is oftentimes overwhelming for families to understand professional jargon. At San Diego BrainWorks we give you the facts in an understandable approach so that we can create effective and successful treatment plans for your child. We have been very successful at putting families on the right track after their child has been evaluated by multiple providers and parents are at a loss on what diretion to take.


We consult with other professionals and agencies on difficult cases by providing case consultation. We are also hired by outside agencies to give lectures, trainings, and media interviews in the community. 




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