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              Comprehensive Learning Disability /ADHD Evaluations










At San Diego BrainWorks we work with many individuals, children, and families who are struggling with a Learning Disorder and/or ADHD - Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. Parents are afraid and scared about their child's academic and behavioral success and adults are having difficulty at home, work, and in their marriage. There are many negative social and emotional consequences of LD's and ADHD that impact many aspects of life. 


At San Diego BrainWorks we target Learning Disabilities and ADHD from a variety of angles. First, we work collaboratively with you, your child, and/or your family to figure out an individualized and tailored treatment plan that works for you, with your schedule, and goals in mind. 


A neuropsychological and/or psychoeducational assessment is key to target the impacted areas of brain function and to understand the cognitive functioning of the child or adult. We need to know what areas of the brain are impacted and the subsequent functional impairment. We take a long and detailed history and understand the child or adult from a "whole" perspective, taking into consideration the social and emotional environment the child or adult is experiencing (stress, divorce, social rejection) and comorbid diagnoses. We strongly believe in treating the whole person - including finding ways to decrease anxiety and depression while increasing academic progress, focus, attention, and overall quality of life. 

We also help families with the IEP process and 504 plans by providing consultation and expert educational advocacy. 

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