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Cognitive Remediation


At San Diego BrainWorks we offer Cognitive Remediation  for older adults.


Cognitive remediation is frequently recommended for adults with learning disabilities, ADHD, head injury, age-associated cognitive decline, substance abuse, and brain injury. This program consists of structured exercises and protocols.

We utilize an empirically supported cognitive remediation program to work with our clients the basic principles of cognitive remediation. After this foundation is learned these techniques and strategies are applied to real life and more generalizable situations. The treatment is individualized and customized to the client’s needs which are determined by findings from the neuropsychological evaluation and the client’s specific concerns. Oftentimes, homework can be given for some exercises so that the clients can practice in between sessions. Cognitive remediation can vary from 1-2x per week and conducted either individually or in a small group format. Insurance ordinarily does not reimburse these sessions although they can be tax deductible as an educational expense. 

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