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We provide services for third party reproduction including Egg Donors, Sperm Donors, and Gestational Carriers.  
Psychological Evaluation of Egg Donors
  • All egg donors require a psychological evaluation to determine suitability and appropriateness for egg donation. The donor will meet with a psychologist for a clinical interview and a psychological assessment. If you are using an anonymous donor, your clinic can set up the appointment. However, if you are using a known donor, you can set up your own appointment.
Psychological Evaluation Of Gestational Carriers
  • The gestational carrier requires a psychological evaluation to determine her suitability for surrogacy. She will complete a psychological assessment as well as a clinical interview (with the gestational carrier and her partner when approrpiate).
Consultation With Intended Parents Using Egg/Sperm Donor
You and your partner may also meet for a psychological consultation to help prepare you for the process of using a donor egg or donor sperm. During the consultation, we will discuss following issues:
  • How to chose a donor that best suites your needs
  • How to talk to your family and friends
  • How to tell your child about his/her genetic origins
  • How and when to disclose the genetic origins to your child


We work with agencies and clinics in San Diego, Oceanside, Orange County, Irvine, and Los Angeles. We also work with clinics and agencies who are located in other states but who have clients in California. 


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