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Psychoeducational Evaluations

IEE Evaluations

We provide comprehensive psychoeducational evaluations to assess Learning Disorders in Reading, Writing, and Math (Dyslexia, Dyscalculia, & Dysgraphia)

Welcome To San Diego Brainworks

Our highly skilled team of neuropsychologists and clinical psychologists understand how the brain functions and why behaviors and cognitive challenges present in various settings (school, home, work). Through this framework, we comprehensively evaluate and treat a variety of cognitive, behavioral, academic, medical, and emotional concerns.


Our goal is for clients and their families to fully understand the potential etiology of the concerns, diagnostic considerations, and specific treatment recommendations and accommodations to live a happier, healthier, and more balanced lives.

We look forward to working with you.

-Joanna Savarese, Ph.D.

San Diego Office

5820 Oberlin Drive

Suite 203

San Diego, CA 92121

Temecula Office

28936 Old Town Front St.

Suite 104

Temecula, CA 92590

Palm Desert Office

77564 Country Club Drive

Suite 225

Palm Desert, CA 92211

Joanna Savarese, Ph.D.

Owner & Clinical Director


Dr. Savarese has been in the field of psychology and neuropsychology for over 17 years. She has appeared on ESPN Radio, NBC News, KPBS, written for Parenting Magazine, and featured in the textbook "The Neuroscience of Learning: Principles and Applications for Educators (2014)." She frequently lectures in the community and recently was an Expert Panelist for an International Conference in India regarding Accessibility and Accommodations in learning environments. Dr. Savarese is the Past-President of the San Diego Psychological Association, and past Co-Chair of the Neuropsychology Committee. In addition to her passion for neuropsychology, Dr. Savarese is the co-founder of a non-profit organization, Repeat Cleats, that collects and distributes cleats and other soccer equipment for families and players in need all over the world. 

Who We Are



We are a private practice in San Diego specializing in evaluating psychoeducational (academic), neuropsychological, psychological, and neurological disorders.

We specialize in diagnosing ADHD, Learning disorders (e.g., Dyslexia), Autism, Giftedness, medical and genetic disorders, depression, anxiety, addictive behaviors, and other neurocognitive disorders. In addition to our thorough and comprehensive evaluations, we have several therapists on staff who offer therapeutic services for a variety of mental health disorders including individual, family, and couples therapy.

San Diego BrainWorks conducts independent evaluations (IEE) relating to IEP and 504 plans. We also offer evaluations for testing accommodations, for the SAT, GRE, and MCAT's for individuals who have a documented learning disability or ADHD. 

San Diego BrainWorks also conducts forensic neuropsychological and psychological evaluations. 

San Diego BrainWorks Psychology & Neuropsychology Services, PC.
5820 Oberlin Drive, Suite 203
San Diego, CA 92121
28936 Old Town Front St., Suite 104
Temecula, CA 92590
77564 Country Club Drive Suite 225
Palm Desert, CA 92211
We are currently providing both in-person and Telehealth services
 Please contact our office for more information.

Tel: 858 914-1347

Payment Policies
We offer a number of pricing options for testing depending on your needs. 
We do accept all out of network insurance. We can provide a Superbill for reimbursement after services are rendered to submit to your insurance. 

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